Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe [Video] -



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    In the recipe, when instructed to combine for spread, you forgot to add the dill but most people will figure it out. Just mentioned in case you want to add it.

  2. Posted by leesteiger, — Reply

    Your boy loves cucumbers. He would even love the more with cucumber sandwiches together with his girly.💕💋💯 Very English!

  3. Posted by LordOfTheUsername, — Reply

    30 minute meals???? Why??? Would it take????? THIRTY???? Minutes? To make a cucumber SANDWICH??????????

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    Why comment on it then?🤔

  6. Posted by lisalame, — Reply

    Coo-coo cucumberz.

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    what is the white stuff?

  10. Posted by dianargordon, — Reply

    Coo-coo cucumberz.

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